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Lightroom 1.4.1 Update WindowsMac

Keyboard Shortcuts are the key to speeding up your use of Lightroom.

A full list can be downloaded from my other website… don’t expect to learn them all in one go, but as you start doing a repetitive task, look up the shortcut and it will become impressed on your memory.

ACR Updates are needed for compatibility with Bridge & Photoshop.

For CS3, that’s ACR 4.4.1. WindowsMac

For CS2, that’s ACR 3.7. WindowsMac

Certain new tools which were added in Lightroom 1.1 onwards cannot be applied using CS2. These are Clarity, and certain new sharpening and noise reduction settings. Don’t worry though, these settings are just ignored, you won’t break anything. Although Highlight Recovery and Fill Light don’t have sliders in ACR 3.7, the settings are still applied.

Adobe Official Feature Request & Bug Report page


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