Matching LR and PS Colour Settings

One of the questions most people hit at some stage is ‘why do my pictures look different when I open them in Photoshop than they do in Lightroom’? The answer is usually a mismatch of colour profiles.

You want your Photoshop Colour Settings to match your LR space – or vice versa.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so:

Photoshop’s colour settings

Edit with settings (in LR preferences)

Export settings (in LR Export dialog)

Which space you edit in is up to you (that’s a whole nother discussion!) but try to keep them the same.

If you tick the Photoshop colour settings marked in blue, it’ll warn you if you ever mismatch and ask you what to you.


2 Responses to Matching LR and PS Colour Settings

  1. Bambam says:

    you could’ve mentioned where to find and how to open the Color Setting dialog box. i had to dig around the menus to find it (in Edit), and before that, open Photoshop help (which was useless in this case). other than this glaring oversight, a very helpful tutorial

  2. Thanks for adding that Bambam, that’s an excellent point! – VB

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