Lightroom Mogrify Plugin

Timothy Armes has just released version 2.0 of his Lightroom/Mogrify export plugin.

Quoting from Tim’s website, he says:

“The plugin provides an easy to use interface onto several of Mogrify’s features, such as advanced resizing options, sharpening after resize, colourspace conversion, overlaying graphical watermarks and putting borders around your images. To improve your workflow options, the plugin also offers an FTP option.

I’d heard about it a few weeks ago, but didn’t have time to install at the time. The installation of ImageMagick for OS X can look a little complicated to start with, but was actually way easier than it sounded. If you’ve never heard of MacPorts, just use the prebuilt binary. It also works on Windows, although it’s largely been tested on Mac OS.

Biggest benefit for me will be the ICC conversion, watermarking and borders automatically being applied on export, without tying up Photoshop with a droplet.

Here’s one I made quickly earlier when I was experimenting with some of the options…

Mogrify Test

This is one plug-in I’d highly recommend taking a close look at, and definitely worth a donation for Tim’s hard work.


3 Responses to Lightroom Mogrify Plugin

  1. myweddingstory says:

    That looks a great plugin – especially when used with Jeff Friedl’s Piglets ( Unfortunately Timothy’s website isn’t reachable at the moment 😦

    [I think there may also be a mistake in your link – there are 2 http://%5D

  2. You’re quite right, thank you. Link’s corrected now.


  3. Steve Cloke says:

    Thanks for pointing me to this one 🙂 I’ve been looking for something like it for ages and it fits the bill perfectly.

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