Renaming by Sequence Number

Fundy gets question of the day. “I want to renumber with the numbers starting with 001, 002, 003, etc. but it always just comes up 1, 2, 3. This messes up ordering in other programs.” So here it is step-by-step…

Select all of the images you want to rename.

Go to Library menu > Rename Photos…

Rename Dialog

Go to the File Naming dropdown menu, and choose Edit…

Rename Edit

Now you’re going to create your own preset. Using the little lozenges, you can put together any combination of filename that you like. In this case, choose Sequence #(001) instead of Sequence #(1) from the dropdown menu to get your extra zero’s padding, and hit insert. You can delete lozenges which are already there, or rearrange them to make your new naming convention.

Rename Sequence

And finally, let’s save this to use again another time. Go to the Preset dropdown menu at the top of the dialog, and choose ‘Save Current Settings as New Preset’. Give it a logical name – I’ve called mind “Sequence only – 3 digit”.

Rename Save Preset

Next time you open the Rename dialog, this new preset will be one of your presets.


One Response to Renaming by Sequence Number

  1. Mike says:

    This is nice to know would be nice if this was edited for Lightroom 2 since it is a little different.

    [Mike, this blog’s no longer being updated – it’s moved to That said, is there something specific you’ve noticed that’s been updated, as at first glance, these instructions still apply to LR 2. – VB]

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