Synchronising Settings

Today’s question is from Scott. He’s processing a series of similar images in the Develop Module, and wants to be able to reuse certain settings, so the question is… how?

As with most things, Lightroom gives a number of different options, so you can choose the one that suits you best at the time:

Copy/Paste option

Adjust first image
Ctrl-C / Cmd-C to copy those settings
Move on to next image
Ctrl-V / Cmd-C to paste onto the selected image

Previous option

Adjust first image
Move on to next image
Hit Previous button (right hand panel) or Ctrl-Alt-V / Cmd-Opt-V to apply all of the settings from the previous image

Sync option

Adjust first image
Keeping that image most selected (lightest gray), select the other images by holding down Ctrl or Shift key while selecting
Hit Sync button (or Ctrl-Shift-S / Cmd-Shift-S) to sync with dialog
or Hit Sync button while holding Alt (or Ctrl-Alt-S / Cmd-Opt-S) to sync while bypassing the dialog. If you’re bypassing the dialog, just make sure you’ve got everything ticked the first time as it will use the last used settings.

AutoSync option

Select multiple images
Hold down Ctrl / Cmd changes Sync button to AutoSync – click it once so it remains labeled AutoSync
Adjust images – all images will update with that slider adjustment at the same time.
Hold down Ctrl / Cmd and click again to change back to normal mode when you want to.

A couple of additional notes on AutoSync, as it’s a very powerful tool. When you have AutoSync turned on, you can still use the keyboard shortcuts for the other sync options such as Previous or Paste, and these will then apply to ALL selected images, not just most selected image. The AutoSync label changes back to standard Sync when only one image is selected.


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