What was new in Lightroom 1.1 and 1.2?

This information has been on my main website for a long time, but I’m also transferring it here so it can be easily searched.

1.1 had numerous new features which are listed below.

1.2 was mainly bug fixes and speed enhancements, and also the new ACR 4.2 camera releases.

wedge Some of my Favourite New Features in 1.1

wedge The obvious:

* Bug fixes, performance enhancements etc!

wedge Catalogs!

* There is now much easier access to multiple libraries – which have been renamed catalogs now. They can be split and merged very easily, without losing data such as virtual copies and history states, which would previously have been lost through the XMP workaround. This means easier transfer between laptop and desktop machines. Check the File menu and right click menus for the new commands (New Catalog, Open Catalog, Import from Catalog, Export to Catalog etc). These now have a .lrcat extension, instead of the .lrdb extension from 1.0.

wedge Import – RAW + Jpeg

* The sidecar jpegs when shooting raw+jpeg can now optionally be brought into the library without moving them into another folder

wedge Library Mode – Include Photos from Subitems

* Choose whether to show a combined view of all the images in subfolders, or just the images in the current folder

wedge Synchronise Folder

* With a simple right-click, you can now check your folder against your library, and update with any new images, check for metadata changes, and remove any missing images

wedge Develop Module – new settings from ACR 4.1

* The new settings from ACR 4.1 are now integrated into LR 1.1. They are Clarity, Sharpening Controls, Defringe, etc.

wedge Match Total Exposures

* Correct a single image, then select other images taken at the same time (with the camera set on Tv, Av, or P, so exposure settings varied). Go into Develop Module, and go to Settings > Match Total Exposure, and the images will all be adjusted to match the exposure of the main image, taking into account the variation in camera settings.

wedge XMP – Metadata sync badge

* Shows whether the metadata stored in the external file matches the data in the catalog, or whether you need to read/write the external changes, such as editing on 2 different computers and updating both libraries via XMP. Ctrl-S / Cmd-S now saves to XMP.

wedge Presets in Folders

* All presets in each module are now stored in collapsable folders (single level deep), making it very easy to organise your ever-growing collection

* Defaults – set defaults by camera body and by ISO rating

* Library Mode – Metadata Browser now also allows Filtering by ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed & Color Label

* Library Mode – Show Metadata for Target Photo Only

wedgePainter Tool

* Allows quick tagging of images with not only keywords, as per the old Spray tool, but also labels, flags, ratings, metadata, settings or rotation.

* Filter by ‘No Colour Label’

wedge Slideshow Start Point

* Slideshow will now start from the most selected image, instead of restarting from the beginning

And a lot more minor updates…

wedge In More Detail:

wedge Menus

wedge File Menu

* NEW – New Catalog – replaces the old libraries, and makes it very easy to switch between

* NEW – Open Catalog

* NEW – Open Recent – list of recent catalogs for easy access

* Import Photos from Disk – replaces Import Photos

* NEW – Import Photos from Device – imports from a camera or memory card, even if ‘Show Import Dialog When a Memory Card is Detected’ is turned off.

* NEW – Import from Catalog – allows merging of an external catalog into the current catalog

* NEW – Export as Catalog – allows exporting of specific images, and all their data, into a separate catalog file

* NEW – Catalog Settings (see preferences section below)

wedge Edit Menu

* NEW – Select by Rating, Select by Flag, Select by Color Label – and within that: Add to Selection, Subtract from Selection, Intersect with Selection – allows great flexibility in selecting images

wedge Library Menu

* NEW – Include Photos from SubItems (i.e. do or don’t show a combined view of all the images in that folder and its subfolders)

* NEW – Filter by Rating, Filter by Flag, Filter by Color Label, Filter by Copy Status (All Photos, Virtual Copies, Master Photos)

* NEW – Synchronize Folder – see Library Module > Folder Panel

wedge Photo Menu

* NEW – Go to Folder in Library

* NEW – Set Copy as Master (when working with virtual copies, switches virtual copy to master status)

* NEW – Remove and Trash Photo – doesn’t just remove from library, but also sends to recycle bin/trash bypassing the dialog

wedge Metadata Menu

* NEW – Show Metadata for Target Photo Only – used where multiple images are selected, but you want to view metadata for the most selected image only

* XMP – Write/Read Metadata from Sidecar Files replaced by Save Metadata to File and Read Metadata from File – adds keyboard shortcut Ctrl-S (Win) or Cmd-S (Mac) to Save Metadata to File. This writes the settings for raw files to an external sidecar XMP file, or adds onto the end of a PSD/Jpeg/Tiff file itself in an XMP section of the metadata (not a sidecar file)

wedge Develop Module Menus

* NEW – Develop menu split into Develop menu (new snapshot, history, preset, set default settings) and new Settings menu (all settings related commands)

* NEW – Match Total Exposures – intelligent adjustment of exposure value. Where images were shot in the same lighting, but on Av, Tv or P, it results in varying camera exposure settings. This command adjusts the exposure on all selected images to end up with the same overall exposure value.

wedge Preferences

* NEW Catalog Settings Preferences dialog (see below)

* Automatically back up library has moved into Catalog Settings

wedge NEW Presets section in Main Preferences

* NEW – Set Default Develop Settings (auto tone, auto grayscale, defaults per camera, defaults per ISO)

* NEW – Save presets with the catalog or globally

* Restores the factory default presets – moved from General section

wedge NEW Import Preferences section in Main Preferences

* Show import dialog when a memory card is detected (moved from File Management section)

* Ignore camera-generated folder names when naming folders (moved from File Management section)

* NEW – Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos

* NEW – Import DNG Creation (set file extension, jpeg preview size, image conversion method, embed raw file)

wedge External Editing Preferences Section in Main Preferences

* NEW – Edit Externally File Naming – allows you to choose the file naming convention when using right-click > Edit with…

wedge File Handling Section in Main Preferences

* NEW – Reading metadata – treat ‘.’ or ‘/’ as a keyword separator (when reading keywords from metadata, can separate keywords into heirarchies instead of flat keywords)

* ‘Replace illegal file name characters with…’, and ‘When a file name has a space…’ moved from File Management to File Handling

wedge Interface

wedge NEW – Filmstrip options

* Show ratings and picks in filmstrip – was already there

* NEW – Show photos in navigator on mouse-over – updates the navigator image with a preview of the image beneath the cursor in the filmstrip

* NEW – Show badges in filmstrip – badges refers to the little icons representing crop adjustments, develop adjustments and keywords

* NEW – Show tooltips in filmstrip – floating over an image in filmstrip can tell you file name etc

wedge Catalog Settings Dialog

wedge General Section

* NEW – Information – catalog location, size, created, last backup, last optimized, size

* Backup options – previously in Main Preferences

* NEW – Relaunch and Optimise – if the catalog is large and running slowly, may improve performance

wedge File Handling Section

* Preview Settings and Import Sequence numbers moved from Main Preferences

wedge Metadata Section

* NEW – Offer suggestions from recently entered values

* NEW – Write develop settings to XMP for Jpeg, Tiff and PSD

* Automatically write changes into XMP – moved from Main Preferences. Warning – can degrade performance when turned on as it forces constant disk writes with every change. Alternative is to make changes, select the images, and use Metadata > Save Metadata to File which writes the same data in one hit.

* NEW – Metadata Browser Categories – which metadata to show in the Metadata Browser Panel in Library module

wedge Library Module

* Interface redesigned

wedge Folders panel

* NEW – Clicking on + button previously worked as Import, now brings up Create New Folder dialog

wedge NEW – Right click on a folder has new options

* Save Metadata (writes metadata for all files to XMP)

wedge Synchronize folder – checks for changes to that folder:

wedge Import new photos – checks for any images which are not currently in LR’s catalog

* Show import dialog before importing

* Remove missing photos from catalog – in case images have been removed outside of LR

* Scan for metadata updates – checks external metadata such as XMP data to see if there have been any external updates which need updating in the library

wedge Collections panel

* NEW – dialog box adds option for ‘Make new virtual copies’

* NEW – right click menu added ‘Export this collection as a catalog’ option

* NEW – Save Quick Collection allows you to name your quick collection contents as a standard collection

wedge Keyword Tags panel

* NEW – right click menu added ‘Export these photos as a catalog’ option

wedge Metadata Browser panel

* NEW – added Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO Speed Rating, Label to the filtering options

wedge Import Dialog

* ‘Ignore Suspected Duplicates’ rephrased to become ‘Don’t re-import suspected duplicates’

* NEW – ‘Eject after import’ option for removable media

wedge Export Dialog

* NEW – ‘Write keywords as Lightroom Hierarchy’

* NEW – Additional options for DNG, including embedding the original raw file and select preview size

* NEW – Export Original – creates a copy of the original to use outside of LR

wedge Quick Develop Panel

* NEW – Added Vibrance buttons as per ACR 4.1

* NEW – Holding down Alt/Opt key changes Clarity to Sharpening control

* NEW – Holding down Alt/Opt key changes Vibrance to Saturation control

wedge Keywording Panel

* Implied keywords section gone

wedge Metadata Panel

* NEW – Option to Edit Metadata Presets

* NEW – New fields include: Sidecar Files, Copy Name, File Size, File Type

* NEW – Copyright Status section

wedge Toolbar

* NEW – Painter tool replaces old Keyword Stamp, and allows quick tagging with Keywords, Labels, Flags, Ratings, Metadata, Settings or Rotation.

* Stairstep reverse sort order icon replaced by A-Z icon

wedge Filters

* Star ratings changed ‘and higher, and lower, only’ dropdown box for a > symbol option

* NEW – Ctrl-click (Win) or Cmd-click on the filter icons in the filmstrip to select images. Ctrl-Shift-click (Win) or Cmd-Shift-click (Mac) to add to the selection.

* NEW – Right click on colour labels for additional options – custom label shows any image with labels not in current colour label set, no label shows any images without a label, none turns off colour label filtering

* NEW – Easy filtering of masters and virtual copies

wedge Virtual Copies

* NEW – Virtual copies may now be made the master image

* NEW – Virtual copies may now be renamed

* NEW – Virtual copies can now easily be filtered to show which are masters and which are virtual copies

* NEW – Virtual copies can now be created by shortcut Ctrl-‘ (Win) or Cmd-‘ (Mac)

wedge Compare Mode

* NEW – zoom via shortcut (Z) now zooms both images at the same time, rather than changing to Loupe view

wedge Badges

* NEW – Metadata badge can now show whether the data stored in XMP is newer or older than the data stored in the library, enabling you to update whichever is required.

wedge Impromptu Slideshow

* NEW – Now starts from the most selected images, instead of constantly returning to the beginning

wedge Panel End Marks

* NEW – Right click to change panel end mark

wedge Develop Module

wedge Presets Panel

* NEW – Presets stored in collapsable folders

* NEW – Right click on presets now gives additional options (New Folder, Import and Export)

* Restore Factory Defaults moved from right click menu to preferences dialog

wedge Snapshots Panel

* NEW – Right click menu adds ‘Copy Snapshot Settings to Before’ to allow before/after comparison using this state as the before

wedge History Panel

* NEW – Right click menu adds ‘Copy History Step Settings to Before’ to allow before/after comparison using this state as the before

wedge Copy/Paste/Sync dialog

* NEW – Added new Clarity control to dialog

wedge Basic Panel

* NEW – Added new Clarity control as per ACR 4.1

wedge Detail Panel

* NEW – Added new sharpening controls (Amount, Radius, Detail, Masking) as per ACR 4.1

wedge Lens Correction Panel

* NEW – Added Defringe control (Highlight Edges and All Edges) as per ACR 4.1

wedge Red Eye and Spot Tools

* Remove Red Eye tool has been improved to make it easier to detect and remove red eye. The Spot tool has also been improved.

wedge Slideshow Module

wedge Template Browser Panel

* NEW – Presets stored in collapsable folders

wedge Slideshow

* NEW – now starts from the most selected image, rather than returning to the beginning

wedge Slideshow Play Menu

* NEW – Which Photos menu now has choice of ‘Use Selected Photos’ or ‘Use All Available Photos’

wedge Print Module

wedge Template Browser Panel

* NEW – Presets stored in collapsable folders

wedge Print Job Panel

* NEW – Print Resolution can now be unticked to prevent LR from resampling

wedge Web Module

wedge Template Browser Panel

* NEW – Presets stored in collapsable folders

wedge Web Menu

* NEW – Which Photos menu now has choice of ‘Use Selected Photos’ or ‘Use All Available Photos’

wedge Appearance Panel

* NEW – Add drop shadow to photos


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