“An error occurred while exporting”

Question of the day belongs to Suzanne. She’s trying to export some images, but it comes up with this error message:

Export Error

Most often this happens if the file can no longer be located. The file may have been moved outside of Lightroom, or the drive letter may have changed if you’re working on Windows.

If the file is missing, you should see a small question mark in the corner of the image in Grid mode, and going to the Develop module will tell you that the file can’t be opened.

Question Mark

To fix this problem, click on the small question mark, and this dialog will appear:

Relocate Missing File

Locate the missing image, and all other related images should gradually update too.

You may also find the folder names have gone red, like this, in which case you can right click and choose relocate folder.

Red folders

If this doesn’t fix the problem, other noted fixes include restarting Lightroom, or exporting to a new catalog (more on that soon!), as it can be the result of minor catalog corruption.


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